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Fleet Programs

Fleet Programs

Fleet Program

fleet program for blue-sky car wash

Fleet Benefits:







If you have more than 2 vehicles Blue Sky Car Wash has fleet options for you.

By joining the fleet program you will receive  discounts on package purchases as well as notification of Special Offers, and special fundraising events.

Your Fleet account aids in the support of our community. Blue Sky Car Wash is open 24 hours a day, 7 day a week, 365 days a year. The flexibility of the Blue Sky Car Wash allows shift vehicles to be returned clean for the next driver.

You are well aware that proper maintenance of fleet vehicles includes regular washing, which will aid in the longevity of the fleet vehicles. Protecting a fleet’s investment is particularly important in lean times.


Fleet Options

  • Choice of all 4 Self Serve Bays and options.
  • Choice of Wash Level in both Automatic bays.
  • Wash Cards issued will receive a discount off the posted wash prices.
  • Initial Purchase and recharge amounts per agreement and distributed to individual cards at no less than $20.00 per card.
  • Multiple card option packages begin at $200.00
  • Allocate dollar amounts per vehicle with an assigned card. Each card has a tracked
    I.D number.
  • Receipts for purchases may be printed per transaction showing the remaining balance on the card.
  • Monthly reporting will show history and usage of individual Wash Cards as well as an executive summery.
  • Wash Cards may be recharged by Check, Credit Card, or Cash without presenting the physical cards.
  • Each card may be encoded to authorize certain wash packages.
  • Drivers simply swipe the wash card or enter their I.D code and the account will be debited the complete discount wash price.